“Big data: strategic hub of the audiovisual industry”, is the title of the publication coordinated by Eva Fernández. Antonio Gallo and Paula Rodriguez, DOGTRACK team, have participated as authors of one of the chapters that addresses the process of knowledge of data generated in social media such as Twitter or Facebook and have their origin in a program Or in a series of success on the part of televisions, as way to make decisions.

This is one of the great challenges of those who work in or for the media, is accompanied by the knowledge and criteria of good friends of the industry: Francisco Gallego, Paco Asensi, Maria Isabel González Vasco, Alfonso Calatrava, Belén Santa-Olalla, Beatriz Pérez de Vargas.

Big data, understood as the management and massive storage of data, is a tendency to explode to this day. The audiovisual industry, aware of this, begins to guide business strategies with ideas of content customization, profile segmentation or trend prediction. Understanding all the possibilities offered by big data means understanding the internal dynamics of the business, as well as the sources of data from which we can extract information and the interaction we can make with them. And it also allows us to formulate better questions and make sound decisions.

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