We are happy because, we see how contributing and adapting innovative technological solutions to the business models of our customers, the user experience is translated into revenue, and is that, as we announced a few weeks ago, the integration in Live streaming of Surveys or games that involve the audience, report a clear benefit to the media.

These types of actions, which have little probability of success if they do not have an attractive content, in the case of the media, and more specifically in the world of sport, has given great joy to DOGTRACK customers like Bein Sports, AS, Gol Television, and they have managed to translate the user experience, where they are – at a very high percentage, on Facebook – into a huge source of benefits.

– You get a higher volume of traffic

– Increased participation and community growth, because the platform itself warns your followers that you are broadcasting live, which causes a high percentage of fans to come to the poll and cast their vote and this in turn see their followers.

– Scope data in all cases are unique in their history.

If you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us: info@www.dogtrack.es