We like the Bots and the possibilities they offer to the media, so we launch a system integrated in our platform that allows the media new ways of interacting with the audience in an individual way (one to one) through Messaging services and social networks.

Some reasons why this system of Media Bots may interest you:

Integrates a viewer is streaming directly in Messenger: the best way to increase the consumption of video and audio using the same advertising platform.

Using this system, you will be able to obtain a greater scope of your contents and therefore you will have greater options of monetization with an extended distribution of the content in networks and systems of messenger.

Working from our publishing platform, you can take advantage of your writing workflows.

You’ll find a clear and simple way to make it easier for your audience to subscribe to your favorite content, direct alerts, breaking news …

Dogtrack also allows you to identify users who consume your content in Messenger.

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