The access to some information, which has its origin in the consumption of the content by the users of a means of communication, is very relevant for the decision making of a digital medium.

In addition to finding a very simple system to implement for the media because it saves hundreds of hours of work (a more mechanical part of introducing factors that we will explain later) we have the ability to obtain a series of benefits derived from the concrete data, is which makes you strong to the media and allows us to make a more solid offer of our management platform.

The solution that we present today, Social Tracking, allows our clients to know, for example, that a topic is relevant enough to make a business decision, to know which is the most profitable CPM in the set of all the activity coming from Social Media, or to what new niches of audiences we could arrive; Orderly, classified information that allows you to make key decisions based on a well-focused audience strategy.

How do we do it.

With this system that we launch to the market, the result of the effort to give effective solutions to the management of networks in the media, it is possible to automatically connect the publications in networks with the system of analytics of the medium.

Tracking systems track UTMs or parameters in the url. With this new resource, easily configurable by the user, the media can include in each of its publications:


– The time of publication
– The social network of origin
– The commercial or marketing target that considers the medium

Targeting Criteria:

– Thematic content classification
– The user who created and / or published the content (CM’s, Editors, Contributors, Signatures …)

For your real-time knowledge. The introduction of these UTM’s is done automatically from Dogtrack.

In the video we explain this process and if you want to know more, we are at your disposal. Contact our team by CLICK HERE