Bots are the new revolution of the mass media industry. The distribution platforms of content are including automation systems which are related to the audiences, it provide us with an incredible latent potential. Starting this week, our customers, in addition to managing all their social media and messaging services with DOGTRACK, they will also be able to integrate Facebook Messenger’s bots with their audiences.

Therefore, from the network’s control panel, our customers will be able to extend and strengthen their relationship with audiences as well:

  • Providing permanent access to news and informations: users can request through a conversation, the most relevant news published every day, newspapers archives and specific content based on its key words.
  • Second screen: Managing and programming messages in order to be published during specific events such as election campaigns, soccer matches and TV shows, wether from direct or indirect content.
  • Gaming and storytelling: Choosing a path to go through a narrated history with the help of messenger. 

Thanks to the bots and other functions which Facebook will incorporate in the weeks ahead, it will be possible to maintain conversations with users in real time: a new service which allow the personalization of the content messages and which can be managed from DOGTRACK.

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