Social TV Solutions

Software to manage content and social audiences.

Incredible Features for everything your team needs in one place

  • Discover a new source of income for your media company.
  • Automates the moderation process of content
  • Increases the possibilities of audience participation.
  • Connecting content on screen in real time.
  • Freestanding system that is easy to assemble: mixing board mobile.
  • Social Content Curation: find, classify and collect the best user generated content.
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System for interacting with the audience individually (One to One) through messaging services or social networks.

  • Increase traffic to your site.
  • Increase Video Playback.
  • Greater reach Advertising.
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With our system you can integrate into the BOT -from the publishing platform- audio or video-streaming in Facebook Messenger.

Social Media Publishing

Template Editor: create your own creative format adapted to a new way of consuming information.

Video editor to adjust formats to media easily.

Connect Bot: distribute the content of networks also in your bots. You're targeting a segmented audience.

Intelligent content planning system. It's the perfect combination of planned programming and breaking news.

Publishing platform, content analysis and audiences in social networks and messaging services.

  • Multi-channel and multiplatform distribution for live or scheduled broadcasts.
  • Customized configuration and adapted to the needs of your environment.
  • Networking with security systems with varying levels of management, publishing and analysis permissions.
  • Unlimited network integration without additional cost.

Social Tracking

We offer the media the possibility to obtain benefits with the activity data of their audience

  • Automatic integration of social networking data into your analytics tool.
  • Customer self-configuring system.
  • Real-time data information
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Our obsession with Dogtrack is getting the media to make key decisions based on a well-focused audience strategy.”

Antonio Gallo, CEO Dogtrack


This solution gives you the ability to deliver your audience customized content (text, images, gifs, etc), just ask for your audience to use a hashtag or retweet some specific post. As simple as that..

  • Take advantage of the opportunity to talk with your audience.
  • Create engaging social experiences that nurture the connection with your audience.
  • Integrates advertising formats.
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FCreate engaging social experiences
that nurture the connection with your audience. Integrate your comments, tweets, messages, on television, on one-screen displays or on any other audiovisual media

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